Sakari Milan Reads "The Tales of Camelia B. The Sea Surfers"

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Event Description:

A Visual Audio Short Story

Sakari Milan reads ...

"The Tales of Camelia B. The Sea Surfers"


Sakari Milan

ABOUT THE STORY: Hi, I'm Camelia B.! I'm an adventurous and curious 10-year old girl on a quest to reveal unknown black history, explore my ancestral path, and discover who I really am! You can come too! I’ll be going back in time to meet real-life heroes from the past who paved the way for you and I! Let’s go! The purpose of The Tales of Camelia B. book series is to educate, enlighten, and empower children by offering a new-fangled perspective within the American educational system by exposing unknown, cross-cultural, black history. The series is an endless source of information detailing several different historic leaders, inventors, explorers, and events, all of which have been overlooked for centuries. It serves to have a multifaceted impact on children globally by affording them a new take on history, delivering lessons unlearned, and expanding their minds past the limits imposed on them by society. The Camelia B. Book series is where history, adventure, and liberation will intersect.



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